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Real Estate Investing

Solid Solutions for Investing in Real Estate

At ENVIROSOL, LLC Propery Services, we offer solid solutions for anyone wanting to make sound real estate investments.  

Property Analysis

A thorough property analysis is highly critical in making a wise investment.

The purchase price of the property, alomg with the cost of property taxes and the cost of renovations are very important for determining a properties worthiness for Investing.

Property Inspection

A thorough property inspection can help determine a properties worthiness for Investing.  Through the inspection process we utilize our knowledge and experience as a General Contracting Firm to also formulate an accurate estimation for repairs and renovations.  

Key elements for an accurate financial analysis giving you the option to make a wise investment.

Repairs and Renovations

Using a General Contracting Firm that you can trust to stay on budget and time is a requirement for succeeding in Real Estate Investing.  The quality and value of the work will help to determine the value and equity in your property.  

Maximizing your return on your investment!

Peace of Mind

Whether you are purchasing a primary, secondary or investment property, rest assured that ENVIROSOL, LLC Property Services can assist you with the entire process.  From selection, improvements and execution  of your desires for your property.  

Our process allows you to maintain your lifestyle while we maintain your investment.

ENVIROSOL, LLC Property Services

Gaithersburg, MD 20877